IPL 2024: T20 popularized varieties of bowling and batting

IPL 2024: T20 popularized varieties of bowling and batting

One thing that even the most ardent detractors of the Indian Premier League (IPL) would acknowledge. The T20 format and the competition encourage creativity.

In cricket dafabet login, unconventional deliveries and shots are nothing new. Bill Lockwood of England invented the « slower ball » in the late 1890s and early 1900s. In the 1980s, K Srikkanth of India performed the « switch hit. »

It is the reverse sweep’s twin. Both completely reinterpret the meaning of the traditional sweep. Simply put, the hands on the bat handle move when the switch is hit.

A right-hander suddenly playing like a left-hander or vice versa is unfair to the bowler, according to those who think the shot ought to be prohibited. Harsha Bhogle and Kevin Pietersen, a.k.a. betway login of the switch hit, have argued over the shot’s validity. But switchcraft is OK for the time being.

Almost twenty years ago, Douglas Marillier of Zimbabwe made the most daring play by shovelling the ball over the goalie. It was subsequently improved by Sri Lankan Tillekeratne Dilshan. Thus, the moniker Dilscoop.

Certain batsmen attempt to hit a long delivery. According to Rummy glee, he would rather play it off with shorter deliveries. Once he was in position, he would play the paddle sweep if he discovered the ball was full. Only try this shot if you’re really good or inebriated.

The yorker by itself used to be sufficient to frighten batsmen. However, as more games and video analysis were available, batsmen improved their ability to handle yorkers and frequently adjusted their crease position to render the ball invalid.

The yorker was then aimed away from the batters by bowlers. Salutations to the broad yorker. The ball is no longer within the batsman’s comfort zone and may become a dot or induce an edge. Nowadays, using a wide yorker in a T20 attack is essential and does not indicate poor aim.

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